Bella Be Active

Elena Arathimos is pursuing a life of her four loves: fitness, health, travel and sunshine. And doesn't she look great in L'urvs Dalmation Running Wild Crop & Shorts from Luxe Fitness!

Shayelle Lajoie

Shayelle Lajoie is a free spirited beach babe who loves anything health, fitness, fashion or beach related.
And doesn't she look stunning in the Sychofit mesh crop available at Luxe Fitness!

Nicole Adolphe

Nicole Adolphe is a stylist, fashion producer, yoga teacher and fashion director, and not to mention she works at Cosmopolitan Australia. She knows fashion when she sees it.
Seen here wearing Dream Monstar Vogue Lounge Crew Sweater & Champion Active Sports Capris from Luxe Fitness!

Zoe From Wildblend

Zoé's mission is to inspire people to live an active, happy, healthy and wholesome lifestyle, and to eat wild foods to nourish their bodies and their souls. Her moto is eat wild, train wild, live wild! Head to her blog for some seriously amazing recipes.
Creative as always wearing Running Bare Karli Sports Capris available online at Luxe Fitness.

Tim Tam Fit

Tammy knows all the tips on fitness, health, nutrition and mental wellness. And doesn't she look stunning in the Olympia Activewear X Bra and Moto sports tights from Luxe Fitness.

Kate From Pilates With Hart

Kate Hart is the director and principal instructor of Pilates With Hart. She has a love for Pilates & want others to experience its amazing benefits. She likes to keep all her sessions fun, effective and motivating so that each individual works to their own potential. And doesn't she look great in the Onzie full length yoga tights and Elastic tank available online at Luxe Fitness.

Laura From Food Fit & Repeat

Laura Henshaw loves everything to do with health, fitness and wellness. She loves to discover foods that not only taste amazing but also nourish the body. And she believes in a healthy diet, regular exercise and a good amount of sleep per night.
Seen here wearing the Olympia Activewear X Bra and L'urv Grey Leopard Lust Crops from Luxe Fitness!

Valeria From The Well Nest

Her mission is simple - inspire people to eat more plants. They create and deliver organic, wholesome and nutritious lunch boxes and treats delivered to you! The menu offers fresh, plant-based, guilt free, REAL food perfect for supporting your health. Valeria loves her new Olympia Activewear Rhodes Tee from Luxe Fitness.

Tara Simich From TJB

The Jungle Body is an Australian based group fitness company that offers a range of innovative workouts that are taught by inspirational fitness instructors. Featuring all styles of exercise including boxing, dance, toning, cardio, pilates and yoga! They are passionate about living a healthy, happy, sexy & fit lifestyle. Doesn't Tara look amazing in her Vie Active get up from Luxe Fitness.

Rebecca From Way Up Fitness

Rebecca is not only a business woman, but an entrepreneur and the face of The Way Up Fitness. The Swiss born business woman and model is a committed health and beauty ambassador who travels the globe in search of the latest trends, both fashion and fitness.

Stunning as always wearing Bayse Sculpt Sports Tank available online at Luxe Fitness.

Bec From Sweat With Bec

Growing up in Melbourne, Bec’s love of fitness stemmed from a fascination of nutrition. Bec has successfully created her own personal training business that inspires a fun and cheeky yet holistic approach to fitness, while also promoting a major focus on lifestyle and nutritional coaching.

Bec made the move to NYC in search of challenge and experience. Since moving, she has explored a variety of alternative training techniques while constantly striving to incorporate her own fitness ethos. Bec’s approach to training is that it’s important to believe in the attainable – to set realistic goals and recognise everyone is different - so you get the best out of yourself and your body.

Rebecca From Challenge Me Fitness

Rebecca is a passionate physiotherapist empowering her people to be fit, healthy and happy, through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs.


Rebecca believes in a model of sustainable health and wellness and wanted to build a more holistic and user friendly program to challenge the unsustainable short term shredding programs on the market. Her goal is to teach you to live a fit and sustainable lifestyle for a healthy and happy body and mind.


Seen here in our SIX30 Mesh Sports Tank and Varley Tights via Luxe Fitness.

Follow Rebecca online at

Ashlea From Wholesome Movement

Ashlea is the face behind Wholesome Movement.

She is a Victorian Exercise Physiologist, personal trainer and general active liver and lover! She is a big fan of dreaming big, dreaming often and looking for wild inspirations!

Karin Greenberg

Karin, is a London girl - and a huge advocate of Sports Luxe - where fashion meets fitness.

She has a great personal style and her instagram account offers many humble tips about different things. 

She is a lover of fashion, fitness, general lifestyle and everything London has to offer!

Seen here in our Body Science Compression Tights.

Chloe From Getting There In Activewhere

Chloe's instagram is a reflection of how activewear has & continues to inspire her to train hard & live a well rounded and healthy lifestyle everyday.

We love having passionate health and fitness enthusiasts on our team!

Seen here in her SIX30 Nadia Compression Tights.