Try These Yoga Poses At Home

Try These Yoga Poses At Home

Yoga is an ancient practise that has existed throughout the world for centuries, although has become far more popular in the western world over the last couple of decades. A gentle but effective form of exercise, yoga pushes your body to stretch, balance and restore using full body positions and poses ranging from basic to advanced. It also helps you to burn calories in a non-strenuous way, making it suitable for many people who have certain conditions that prevent them from doing extreme cardio or weight training.

While yoga may look easy, it certainly isn’t. Each pose challenges your body to work hard, which builds muscle all-over and burns calories at the same time.

Below, we have put together three yoga poses that, when practised regularly, will help you to lose weight and build muscle in all the right places. You can perform yoga anywhere, including the beach, the gym or within the comforts of your own living room. All you need is a yoga mat (or a soft but firm surface), a towel and a glass of water for afterwards.

Here are our top three yoga poses:

The plank

The plank is a full-body pose that involves you using your hands and feet to support your body in a laid-flat, belly-down, stretched position. You can start this position by laying flat on the floor on your front, with your legs stretched out straight. Then place both of your hands on the floor, palms down, about shoulder-width apart. Push your upper-body away from the floor so that half of your body is raised. Then, using your toes, push your lower half up so that it is in line with the rest of your body, simulating a plank shape. This position burns 3-4 calories per minute. You should only hold it for several minutes at a time and take regular rests. It’s also fantastic for building muscle as it incorporates all the major muscle groups in your body, including your legs, glutes, arms, abdomen and back.

The Chair

It takes a lot of discipline to perfect this yoga pose, but once you get there, the results are worth it. The Chair does what it says on the tin – you literally simulate a position as though you are sitting in an imaginary chair, with both arms raised above your head. While it may look easy, this pose uses your core muscles, toning your butt, tummy and back. It also improves your sense of balance and tests your endurance.

Plow Pose 2

A more advanced pose, the Plow Pose 2 involves laying flat on your back and raising your legs back over your head, so that your feet touch the floor behind you. You need to support yourself by placing your hands on your lower back, helping to keep your position in place. This pose should only be attempted by a more experienced yogi, and not by anyone with lower back conditions unless advised to do so by a medical professional. The Plow Pose 2 burns around 3 calories per minute and can be integrated into any yoga routine.

Don’t forget that yoga is a workout and should be treated as such. Therefore, before starting any yoga routine, you should enjoy a pre-workout supplement such as the Luxe Pre Workout.

Give that yoga is also good for the soul, you can expect to feel a lot more relaxed after a session than you would following a standard gym workout. Therefore, we recommend that, after a warm-down, you indulge in some quality quiet time and a mug of Luxe Detox Tea.

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