The Best Fitness Christmas Gifts For Women That Are Actually Useful

The Best Fitness Christmas Gifts For Women That Are Actually Useful

With the sheer volume of fitness-related products on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming — especially around Christmas, with holiday discounts and deals!

But the truth is: many fitness gifts can end up being a bit gimmicky. And items that look really great, can fail to deliver in terms of usability and value for money. 

This makes finding the perfect fitness gift is a lot tougher than it sounds — it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your money.


To help you separate the ‘meh’ from the mighty, we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness gifts for women this year. Even better: they’re actually useful, so your friend, partner or colleague will enjoy using them well into 2020! 

Guaranteed to put a smile on her face, and enhance her exercise routine for the better, here’s the best fitness Christmas gifts for women...

Fitness Gift #1: Invisibobbles 

Any workout lover with long hair will understand the importance of hair ties, especially when doing cardio or other high-intensity activities. There’s nothing worse than strands of hair constantly irritating your face and neck — even more so when you’re getting sweaty!


But where regular hair ties can feel uncomfortably tight, and leave hair with an unwanted kink once removed, Invisibobble traceless hair ties are sure to impress. 

Able to keep hair securely tied back, without any pain or ever leaving kinks or ridges, the Invisibobble is a must-have for women who tend to work out right before heading to the office or even on their lunch break.

What’s more, Invisibobbles can easily be worn around the wrist too. A great stocking stuffer for Christmas 2019! 

Fitness Gift #2: No-slip headbands

For when a hair tie just isn’t enough, an Under Armour headband is a real cut above the rest. 

Developed for cardio lovers everywhere, these ultra effective headbands couldn’t be a more useful fitness gift for active women. Designed to enhance long outdoor runs and keep her feeling comfortable at all times, a no-slip headband is without a doubt one of the best fitness accessories on the market.


Able to keep hair firmly away from the face, these headbands are superbly practical — plus the wider ones provide essential warmth to the ears on chilly Aussie mornings! Featuring a seamless design to avoid uncomfortable rubbing in all the wrong places, all Under Armour headbands come complete with sturdy silicone bands to avoid them sliding down.


Ideal for runners and great for outdoor use, an Under Armour fitness headband is the ultimate cardio accessory, and one that’s sure to stand the test of time all year round. 

Fitness Gift #3: Leggings with pockets

Whilst this may seem obvious, the amount of high-end gym leggings for women that don’t feature pockets is pretty high! 

But the Salutation Stash Pocket Tight by Athleta is delivering what many other fitness brands don’t: sleek and stylish leggings... with pockets!


Featuring discreet pockets on both sides, there’s plenty of space to keep a slim phone and gym locker keys with ease. Both pockets are generously deep — meaning she won’t have to worry about her possessions suddenly flying out without warning! — and the thick legging material will keep them secure without damaging the overall shape and appearance of the leggings themselves.


Providing perfect practicality, in a flattering high-waisted style, this fitness gift is sure to become her new favourite workout companion! 

Fitness Gift #4: Apple AirPods with Charging Case

More and more people are seeing the benefit of wireless headphones, especially when it comes to fitness. 

Music is such an important component when working out, and what better way to enjoy it than never having to deal with annoying wires getting in the way ever again!


Whilst a slightly more extravagant fitness gift due to the price point, Apple AirPods are a sure-fire way to impress this Christmas. Better still, their accompanying charging case means they’ll never be caught without battery — giving her the power to always listen to her energy-boosting tunes when on-the-go.

Fitness Gift #5: Gym Bag Packing Cubes

If you’ve got a woman in your life who works out several times a week, you may have heard her complaining about losing a sock or two in between the gym and the office. It happens to the best of us, after all!

When you’re always packing and unpacking a kit bag, keeping track of all your gym-wear and accessories is nothing short of a mission. Staying organised is crucial and a set of reliable packing cubes is sure to be a helping hand.


The super stylish Away system features sets of four or six packing cubes, in various sizes, all designed to fit into most regular-sized gym bags. Providing everything necessary to keep gym bags clean and organised, there’s also a useful water-resistant bag included to hold wet swimwear too. 

Fitness Gift #6: B_ND Resistance Bands

Perfect for at-home workouts, a set of resistance bands makes the perfect gift for virtually any fitness fanatic.


The B_ND Long Resistance Bands will support her in doing multiple, high intensity, exercises at home — providing a powerful full-body workout with no other equipment required. And as they’re available in light, medium and heavy weight options, you can select bands specific to her fitness level.  

Which fitness gifts will you put under the tree this Christmas?

There you have it — a list of great Christmas gift ideas, perfect for the active women in your life.

From affordable stocking stuffers to more extravagant options, these gifts are certain to put a smile on her face and kickstart her January workouts! Maybe you’ve even seen one or two things you’ve got your eye on now? Picking up a Christmas gift for yourself is also totally okay!

And, while you’re feeling festive, why not mix up a quick batch of protein-packed choco coco raw balls? They’re a perfect way to treat everyone down the gym this Christmas!

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