3 Quick and Easy High Protein Breakfast ideas

3 Quick and Easy High Protein Breakfast ideas

An alarming number of us are skipping breakfast, often assuming it isn’t that important or that there’s simply not enough time before the bus arrives to prepare anything nutritious. In fact, research has shown that the problem is widespread across the world, with half of Americans, Brits and Australians skipping breakfast, and a third of New Zealand teenagers regularly going to school on an empty stomach.

The problem is, skipping breakfast can be detrimental to your health and weight loss success, and can make it more difficult for you to build muscle!

Research has shown that when we skip the first meal of the day, our brains actually change the way we see and experience food. Often, we crave high fat, high carb foods to make up for the energy shortfall from that morning, leading us into temptations we may have avoided had we been full! But it’s even more complicated that that. MRI testing has shown that fatty foods actually taste better when consumed after breakfast has been missed, greatly elevating the risk of overindulging!

And then there’s the inevitable fatigue that comes with a morning living off nothing but coffee. How can you expect to maximise your workout and build muscle tone if you haven’t got any fuel?

You know the answer... It is so important that you find time for breakfast, even if you have a busy life. And that’s where we can help! Here are three high protein, nutritionally beneficial breakfast ideas that are not only simple to make, but perfect for giving you sufficient energy before a workout.

Luxe breakfast ideas

1. Banana Yogurt Muesli

You may have already guessed it, but good quality muesli is jam packed with goodness. Typically, a serving of muesli contains micronutrients such as magnesium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin A and vitamin E! It’s also high in fibre so brilliant for your digestive system. When combined with banana, you’re sure to be treating your body to a nutritional feast. That’s why we are so pleased to show you this gorgeous and filling banana yogurt muesli with half a serving of Luxe protein powder. You can adapt this recipe any way you want. For example, you can experiment with sprinkling different nuts and seeds over the top of the yogurt, or add in berries instead of banana. To give you more time in the morning, you can prepare this highly nutritious, high protein breakfast the evening before and keep in the fridge overnight.

2. High Protein Pancakes

These delicious pancakes contain only 5 ingredients and are super simple to make. Using nutritious raw oats, frozen berries, egg whites, cottage cheese and Luxe protein powder, you can enjoy healthy, nutritionally valuable pancakes. What we love about pancakes in general is how diverse they can be. Serve them with your favourite fruit or make a puree to pour over the top of a large stack! Thanks to the easy-to-follow method, you can make these pancakes any morning of the week and won’t be late for work. However, we think they taste best on a sunny Saturday morning with a delicious shake on the side.

3. Luxe Berry Smoothie

Life is busy, and when it is, a smoothie can be the best breakfast option. High protein smoothies are easy to prepare, quick to blitz and can be stored overnight in the fridge so you don’t need to worry about making breakfast in the morning. What we love about the Luxe Berry Smoothie recipe is that it tastes great with any type of milk alternative, so if you prefer almond, coconut, hemp or soy, this is still a mouth-watering morning treat. Buy yourself a flask and take your smoothie with you on the bus or to the gym.

We have plenty more recipes on our website, so even if these aren’t quite to your taste, we are positive you’ll find a smoothie or breakfast recipe that will fill you up and keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Not sure which Luxe product to mix with your morning meal? Check out our full range by clicking here. Alternatively, you can join our Luxe Community Facebook Group and ask for advice and recipe tips from other Luxe users!

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