Exercising is great for you because it controls your weight, it combats health conditions and diseases, it improves your mood and stress levels, it boosts your energy, it promotes better sleep, and it can also be really fun!

Ally, the Marketing Manager at Luxe Fitness has listed her top 5 exercise classes:

1. Tyga By The Jungle Body - TJB is an Australian based group fitness company that offers a range of innovative workouts that are taught by inspirational fitness instructors. Featuring all styles of exercise including boxing, dance, toning, cardio, pilates and yoga! They are passionate about living a healthy, happy, sexy & fit lifestyle. 5 styles available including Tyga, Vypa, Konga, Burn and Jagua!

2. Skip N Sculpt - Every Monday I participate in a 45 minute Skip N Sculpt class. It is a terrific start to my week and really gets the heart pumping. Skip is the ultimate class combining intervals of intense, high calorie burning cardio with strength training. You skip, run, jump, push and pull your way to a fitter, stronger body.

3. Boxing - On of my favourite weekend classes by Dale Sidebottom Personal Training. It combines high intensity boxing circuit class, great for toning and overall conditioning. An excellent workout for all fitness levels.

4. Spin Circuit - I absolutely love this class. It's a great combination of cardio and strength training. Featuring spin class followed by a variety of different cardio vascular and conditioning exercises designed to challenge and motivate.

5. Tennis - I play tennis once a week and its a fun way to loose weight.