Vie Active took over our Instagram feed for one day and we got a sneak peek into Noa's (the co-founder) daily routine and hot tips on what she eats, where she exercises and a sneak peak into of their next collection.

This sporty beauty started Vie Activewear in 2013 and is based in both LA and Sydney. The brand was born from a love of working out, working hard and loving fashion. 

Noa looks gorgeous in her Rockell Snow Leopard tights, ready for her workout of choice, a seriously intense HIIT session. Ain’t nobody got time for lazy workouts when you’ve got little ones in tow and a business to run! 

img 10

Vie Active's team morning ritual consists of a coffee run as we do our Work in Progress meeting. Today’s order – 1 almond cap, 1 almond chai and 1 rice milk flat white. In Sydney we love our local Greenhouse Coffee (they also make the best raw chocolate) and in LA we can’t go past Gjelina Takeaway.

img 8

Our LA office is adorned with mood boards of people, places and prints that inspire us! Our collections draw inspiration from so many influences – so when we’re inspired by something we make sure to add it to the board. Here is a sneak peek of the mood board for our next collection… 

img 7


Workout Time - Each week we try out new studios for our weekly team workout from HIIT to Barre, we like to mix it up! This week our Sydney Team headed to Surry Hills for a Barre Cardio Workout at Barre Body.

img 13

Post Workout - It's snack time! We’re lucky both our Sydney and LA offices are in health food hubs, with great Sushi places close by! 

img 11  

We always like to mix up our days and love fitting in a photoshoot or two! Here is a sneak peek of the Body Pass video shoot featuring our latest Satellite Orchid print! We are very excited about our upcoming collaboration – so stay tuned! 

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Team Treats - We finish off the day with team treats (these only happen once a week) and we have quite a challenge making these free of sugar, dairy, gluten, peanuts, almonds and cashews - but the challenge makes it even more fun. This week we had a mix of raw chocolate, vegan crackles, salted caramel tahini and fresh dates! 

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