Summer workout tips by Challenge Me Fitness!

It’s hot. You’d love to sit in air-conditioned comfort or go straight to the beach or pub with your friends but you have goals and you want to achieve them!

We all know how much better we feel after a workout (I mean, whoever regretted a training session?!) and summer really is the ultimate time to get fit, active and enjoy the outdoors! So how do we stick to a consistent training regime to stay fit, healthy and beach ready throughout summer?

Read on for Challenge Me’s top 5 summer workout tips!

1. Set a goal

Before the summer festive season sets in, think of a goal you want to achieve. Is it that you want to learn a new sport, achieve a personal best weight with your squat or deadlift, take up yoga…whatever it is if you set a goal and track it weekly. Your motivation will stay high and you are much more likely to achieve your goal!

2. Make a plan and stick to it

Like anything in life, when you don’t have a plan, it is much harder to achieve the outcome. So plan ahead. Think about when you can fit in your exercise during the week (is it mornings, lunchtimes, after work, weekends…) and schedule it, just like you would any business meeting (or social event). But also don’t be afraid to change the type of training you do if it’s a beautiful day! Skip the gym for beach sprints followed by a refreshing swim – there are so many more options to be active in summer that we should definitely embrace them!

3. Get a workout partner

It’s much harder to avoid training when it means letting someone down. So grab a friend, partner, family member or colleague and make a commitment to train together each week. You will not only stay more motivated but chances are you will enjoy your workout more too! Treat yourselves after with a protein shake or delicious healthy meal!

4. Buy some cool new summer workout gear

Who doesn’t feel better in new threads?! Go and buy some new light summer active wear in fun bright prints and you’ll want to train just so you can wear them!

5. Try a home program so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house (or your heating!)

If you find that on busy days you just want a quick workout, try a home workout program like the one offered by Challenge Me Fitness. This program is high intensity, using only your bodyweight. All you need is a small space in your bedroom, lounge or garage and 35 minutes of your time! Click here to try a FREE home workout from Challenge Me Fitness!  

So there you have it! There really are no excuses for not sticking to your exercise regime this summer and achieving your fitness goals!

Please do remember to increase your fluid intake in summer, practice good sun protection and avoid training during the hottest time of day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rebecca from Challenge Me at

Happy exercising!