SIX30 sell high quality yet affordable fashion forward compression clothing and activewear!

Combining the passion for fashion, fitness and wellness SIX30 is designed for performance athletes or sports enthusiasts.

Why wear compression garments?

Strenuous physical activity can induce muscle damage, which may lead to decreased range of motion, swelling and impaired muscle function, all increasing the likelihood of injury.

  • Compression clothes can help reduce physical impact and damage associated with strenuous physical activity

  • Compression wear promotes blood lactate removal which enhances recovery and helps injury management

  • Compression sportswear improves the efficiency of the muscle and joint pumps

  • Compression gear assists blood flow back to the heart and makes you more aware of your body's movements. Compression increases proprioception, which heightens senses and awareness for enhanced sustainability, agility and improved technique

In short - your energy is harnessed to help you perform better, for longer, so that you enjoy the activity more and recover quicker.

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