Tips on getting through a busy week and still managing to follow a great exercise regime!
Post by Chloe' from @gettingthereinactivewear
As we all know, it is a very hard task to get through the working week and still manage to fit in an exercise regime (sometimes even hard to manage fitting in any exercise at all!). I am all too familiar with the feeling of not fitting in my training - due work stress and demand. The key to balance however, comes down to one simple thing, and that is SLEEP! 
Some of us sit up watching TV to all hours of the night + eat late dinners and even consume caffeine into all hours of the evening... This is not good! It is important to have 7-8hours rest every night and in order to do this, you need to switch off the rubbish - nothing is good after 8pm anyway (just joking haha but you can just record and watch your fave shows on the weekend).
Get up early!
Once you've had your rest set your alarm for 5am (even earlier if you have to). I set mine for 4am, but that is because I'm a bit loopy and have to drive from the Gold Coast to Brisbane every morning during peek times. I know that I won't go in the evenings, so I get it all done in the morning before the large drive and day at work. Remember if you get up early, right there you have that edge over most people around you. You will be exuberating with positive vibes.
Set yourself a timeframe!
I go to the gym for 50mins before work. Any longer I get bored, and in 50mins I can get an extremely great workout for my chosen body part. i.e. I may spend 50mins on legs for the session (including glutes etc into that timeframe). If I know I'm only going for that amount of time rather than an hour or more, I feel extremely motivated because I know how quickly the session goes.
Get yourself some amazing activewear!
This point is the heart and soul of my Instagram page. I feel that other than sleep, there is no better way to get yourself to the gym. If you have some cute gear to look forward to wearing, you will get out of bed and be at it in no time at all! Luxe Fitness has some of the best brands and has become part of my reason for waking up and getting my butt into action.☺️
I hope you find these tips helpful - but remember in order for anything to happen, you need a good night's rest. You even need rest to purchase your activewear ;) because you  never know, you might make a silly choice if you're feeling drowsy, stressed and slightly out of it after that hectic day of work; and we can't have anyone training in awful attire now can we!
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