5 Reasons To Love Teeki Activewear
1. Teeki is an eco-conscious activewear line (eco-friendly printing)
2. Teeki is sustainable (by turning plastic bottles in yoga pants)
3. Made in California (so you know the quality is good)
4. Teeki is fashion forward sportswear
5. Teeki is made for you!

About Teeki

Teeki takes water bottles and turn thems into sports clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. 

Teeki respects the land and strives to protect our environment by utilizing conscientious business and manufacturing processes. We carefully explore the Earth in order to source only the highest quality materials that are conflict free, environmentally friendly, safe for all living things, and made using only the best practices.

All Teeki fitness wear is sustainable by turning recycled plastic bottles into sports tights. All printing performed by Teeki is eco-friendly - so no waste!